HST/STIS FUV Time-Tag Imaging

Hubble Aurora GIFs

Animated gif of Jupiter's Aurora

549 observations and counting:
334 of Jupiter
62 of Europa
153 of Saturn

Exposure time of all hosted observations: 12 days, 13:25:03
276 unhosted time-tag images

Latest Results: Europa

Europa FUV image

Europa observation OCZN01UAQ shows the moon slowly drifting through the frame. Since the arrival time and location of each individual photon was recorded, we were able to transform into Europa's rest-frame and generate these FUV image.

Additional non-transit observations are in the works.

Callisto Coordinate Transform

Callisto FUV image

Callisto, Jupiter's second-largest moon, zipped through the edges of two recent observations (OD8K59HUQ and OD8K60I1Q). Taking advantage of STIS's unique time-tag mode, we were able to transform into Callisto's rest-frame and generate this FUV image.

Note that the false-colors presented here represent flux intensity within a single bandpass (F25SRF2).